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Tea & Cake was created to help men continue their journey of sobriety upon graduating from a recovery program. Tea & Cake succeeds in this mission by facilitating a safe and engaging environment within which its attendees can enjoy ongoing recovery-centered connection and fellowship. Tea & Cake small groups are hosted every other week, but engaging in the relationships formed in this community is a daily experience: We check in on each other; we hold each other accountable when we might be doing something that could hinder or hurt ourselves; and we are there for each other during times of struggle and, most importantly, we are there for each other to share in the success in times of triumph.  

Small Group

Small groups meet every other week, but the relationships formed provide support on a daily basis.Read More


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Alec's Story

Because Alec had decided to live a life of sobriety, he became a regular at Tea and Cake to remain engaged in the community and in supportive relationships. They became his family. In essence, Tea and Cake became Alec’s refuge. It was at Tea and Cake that Alec found the peace he had been seeking.

Our Team


As with anything that is not yet very well understood, recovering addicts are faced with misinformation and conflicting information about addiction and recovery at every turn. But one thing that has proven most effective for long-lasting sobriety is community. Tea & Cake believes that connecting with others and building community is paramount to recovery.


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