Please, Help Us Reach Our Fundraising Goal of $50,000 by April 1, 2023.

All donations go directly to support the men of Tea and Cake in their recovery,

the biggest being the transition out of treatment and back into “normal” day to day life.

Small Group

Small groups meet every other week, but the relationships formed provide support on a daily basis.


Support men in recovery by donating to Tea & Cake. Give a hand-up, not a hand-out.


Use your talents. Volunteer with Tea & Cake to help men in recovery continue a life of sobriety.

Building a life

where sustainable recovery is possible.

Tea & Cake’s small groups are designed to provide continual growth and support to men in recovery.

Authentic Relationships
Transparent Communication
No Judgment
Real Empathy

YOUR Support

Allows us to help set men in addiction recovery up for success after they complete their initial treatment.

Addiction is a vicious and unpredictable cycle. Many addicts enter treatment, complete their programs, and leave believing their addiction is over. In reality, they have just taken back control of their life–for the moment.

Without continued support through community-focused aftercare, many men spiral back downward into addiction, and too many of these men do not make it back.  It is because of this need for continued support and accountability that the Alec Davis Foundation, in partnership with Tea & Cake Addiction Recovery Support, was created.

Alec's Story

Because Alec had decided to live a life of sobriety, he became a regular at Tea & Cake to remain engaged in the community and in supportive relationships. They became his family. In essence, Tea & Cake became Alec’s refuge.  It was at Tea and Cake that Alec found the peace he had been seeking. 


Take a look at upcoming events and activities with Tea & Cake.


There are a lot of statistics that surround recovery. Unfortunately, they are difficult to track and the finding vary based on your resource. One thing we do believe, is that you have a significantly higher chance to stay sober if you are connected with a small group.



Stay Sober without support groups


Stay Sober with support groups

Support Tea & Cake

Donations will help men live a successful life in recovery. Your contributions are used to:

  • Help men with financial hardships. (Driver’s License, Tuition Assistance, etc.)
  • Provide recovery mentorship from a licensed addiction counselor.
  • Purchase items for small groups and socials.


To continue your recovery journey, or help those who are, reach out to us. Someone from our team will be in touch.