Support Tea and Cake

Donation: $14,050.00 / $20,000.00

Addiction is a vicious and unpredictable cycle. Many addicts enter treatment, complete their programs and leave believing their addiction is under control. In reality, they have just taken back control of their life–for the moment. Without continued support outside their newly completed rehabilitation programs, many find themselves losing their newfound control and, therefore, spiraling back into addiction. Because of this need for continued support and accountability, the Alec Davis Foundation, in partnership with Tea and Cake, was created. Every dollar raised will go towards helping men recovery from addiction. Our #1 focus at Tea and Cake and the Alec Davis Foundation is to help create long-term recovery. We believe fostering an environment that encourages authentic relationships is key to maintaining sobriety.

Your donations are used for the following:

  • Help men with financial hurdles after completion of program.
    • Driver’s License
    • Tuition Assistance
    • Career Resources
  • Recovery mentorship from a licensed addiction counselor.
  • Purchase items for small groups and socials.